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It Starts With You.

Only when you can look in the mirror and treat yourself with love and respect can you truly do the same for others.

The TALY app is a digital tool designed to help you know and live the best version of yourself in every moment. This app is our first effort to help make this a reality for as many people as possible.


Below is a preview of the main function of the app.

Main Skills Screen.png

Select a Category

Choose from one of 9 Main Skills, or create a custom prompt.

Select a Core Skill

For every skill, you may select between Growth, Gratitude, and Fulfillment.

Mindset Core Skill Select.png
Mindset Daily Intention.png

Select a Prompt

Choose between a Daily Intention, Daily Reflection, or Monthly Reflection prompt.


Spend up to 60 seconds recording your video. For full effect, allow yourself to act in a way that feels most true to you.

best self.png

Join the "Vibe Lounge" for latest updates on Taly merch and developments including the exclusive BDE Journal!

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Nice Vibe​

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